21 JANUARY 2020



It was one of the loudest wake up calls of my life.

I had been sound asleep, when I heard what sounded like the audible voice of the Lord to me, "WAKE UP, WE ARE AT WAR!"

I knew immediately that the Body of Christ was at war

I knew that I had been asleep and unaware of what was really happening

And I knew that the Commander of the armies of Heaven was calling me to order.

He had an assignment for me.

I now know that this call was not only for me. It is for the Body of Christ.

YES, I want to join the LIVE WAKE UP CALL.

2 hour webinar with Beverley Watkins 

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Noon EST

*Everyone who registers will receive access to the replay and study guide


We are at war against our ancient enemy, but we are asleep and unaware of the urgency of the hour.


Our enemy, satan, has been working his ancient plan. He does not have new ideas, he simply works the same agenda in every generation and adapts it for the culture of the day. Seducing the church into passivity, ignorance and unconsciousness has always been an important tactic in his war strategy.  An oblivious and unresponsive church allows satan to advance his demonic offensive against this generation unhindered.


While we slept, the enemy captured the high ground of education, media, arts and entertainment, business, family values and government.


While we slept, the church lost her authority and territory in the world.


While we slept, the enemy reformed our culture.


While we sleep, the enemy is seeking to legislate the complete removal of Judeo-Christian principles from our world.


And we are still sleeping…



It is time to WAKE UP!

 “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead,
And Christ will give you light.”

Ephesians 5:14


It is time to wake up, open our eyes and see what He is showing us. 

It is time to wake up and assess the situation in the light of Christ. 


It is time to wake up so that His light can chase away the shadows around us that have kept us asleep for so long.




YES, I want to join the LIVE WAKE UP CALL.

2 hour webinar with Beverley Watkins 

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Noon EST

*Everyone who registers will receive access to the replay and study guide


During the 2 hour interactive webinar, I will answer the following questions:


Who is our enemy?

What is his ancient strategy of war?

How did he lull us to sleep?

How do we wake up ? 

What  should we do once we are awake?

What season we are now in, right now?

What is our assignment in this season?


I know that even as you read this, you want to wake up. You want to be part of God’s solution and a catalyst for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.


It starts with waking up and letting His light of revelation shine into your life.



Do not miss this opportunity to join other believers as we wake up and understand the times.




*Everyone who registers for this webinar will receive access to the


The Wake Up Call Invite
Presenter - Beverley Watkins

Beverley Watkins is a recognized Seer Prophet and apostolic voice who has been graced with a unique gift to activate and equip believers to function as kings and priests of God. She also has specialized, practical knowledge on legislating in the courts of heaven. 


Beverley has authored 2 books - Metanoia (An interactive prayer manual) and The Trading Floors of Heaven. She travels extensively across the globe,  teaching and working closely with leaders to develop strategies for reforming the seven mountains of culture in order to see nations fulfill their destiny.


Beverley and her husband, Robin, are based in Johannesburg, South Africa where they lead Global Impact – a non-profit company that empowers leaders for the reformation of nations. They are apostolically aligned with Robert Henderson (Global Prayer and Empowerment Centre) and Faisal Malick (Plumbline Network).