• Beverley Watkins

What to Expect When God Does a New Thing

I have noticed that when God is getting ready to do a new thing, He does something significant first. He CLOSES the womb of a woman. That’s right! When God is getting ready to bring a massive change to the earth, He starts with a barren woman. Just look at Sarah and Hannah and Elizabeth. All barren woman who God used to birth men into the earth that ‘started’ a new era. I believe that we are in such a time again.

In the time of Hannah, God saw that the sons of Eli were corrupt and wicked. They slept with the woman coming to the Temple to worship, they took the best of the offering for themselves and they had no fear of the Lord. God’s government through the priests had become terribly corrupt and His people were being oppressed and led astray by them. This makes God very angry and He intends to deal with this corrupt priesthood. He intends to bring about a change of government for His people. He plans to establish His kingdom through David. So He makes Hannah barren. But to Hannah he would give a double portion, for he loved Hannah, although the Lord had closed her womb.1 Samuel 1:5

Hannah and her husband, Elkanah, were faithful to the Lord. Hannah was loved, she had all she needed, yet the Lord makes her barren. How difficult must this be? You have a good life, but long for a child. You cry out to the Lord, but HE IS THE ONE THAT HAS MADE YOU BARREN. It suits His purpose for you to be barren! I think that is a difficult pill to swallow! Especially as Hannah has to deal with the tormenting of Elkanah’s other wife, Penninah. She has children with Elkanah and obviously takes every opportunity to remind Hannah of this. Insinuating that she is a better wife and a better woman! Scripture says that she severely provokes Hannah and makes her miserable – to the point that Hannah stops eating! And this is not just for a few days or weeks – this goes on for YEARS!

I know that some of you have felt like this. Maybe you have not been barren in the natural, but you have experienced barrenness in parts of your life and you have cried out to the Lord over them. You have suffered the taunts of others, “Well if her ministry was really from God, surely it would bear more fruit. Surely they would have more money, more people, more of everything.” You have tried to live righteously and do business in integrity – you do not bribe, you do not lie, you do not steal. Yet you look around and those that do these things are prospering, while you struggle to make ends meet. Yes – we have all felt like Hannah. You might even feel like that today as you read this.

But take heart – the Lord has closed your womb because He is getting ready to birth a new move through you.

God needs us to become desperate. He needs us to overcome our fear of man and what others think about us. Eli thought that Hannah was drunk the way that she prayed in the temple. She was not drunk, she was just desperate for her God. She knew that HE was the only one who could answer her. It was in this place of deep travailing prayer that Hannah makes a vow to the Lord of Hosts. She promises to dedicate him as a Nazirite if He will give her a child. I think this is interesting. This is my take on it…

Hannah is in a desperate situation and has cried out to the Lord to change it. He does not do anything for many years. When God does not answer us on an issue, sometimes we have to stop and ask why. He is a good Father and will give what we ask, so if He is not responding there must be a good reason. Perhaps Hannah finally asked the Lord why He had closed her womb and He shared His heart with her.

I believe that His heart was breaking for His nation that was being oppressed by a corrupt priesthood. He looked and found no one who could stand in righteousness to minister at the altar. God in a sense was also ‘barren’. He had no fruit for the next generation. When Hannah understands this, she makes her vow to Jehovah Sabaoth, the Commander of the Armies of the hosts of heaven. If He will give her a male child, she promises he will be set apart for God’s purposes. It is this vow that God responds to and opens her womb.

You see, God did not close her womb just to make her suffer. He allowed it so that she would seek His face and discover His purpose in it. God has a purpose for everything which you are presently experiencing. We just need to realise this truth, then stop and ask Him how we can work with Him to achieve His goal. We will receive all we desire as He receives what He needs. And we see this with Hannah. She has her baby, Samuel, which she dedicates to the service of the Lord and then the Lord gives her 5 more children. When we seek the Kingdom FIRST, all these things will be added to us. This is the grace of God!

God is doing a new thing. He is getting ready to establish His kingdom in the earth through the revelation of the sons of God manifested as the unified Body of Christ. He has already started. He is looking to land His new move in some wombs that have been barren up to now. We simply need to get into His Presence and share His heart.

Discover what He is wanting to do in and through us and align with that purpose. Say yes to the seed He is wanting to plant in your womb. Understand that the seed is not to enrich us. That new business idea, that new position, that new piece of land is belongs to Him first. To all the Hannahs out there, be encouraged, God is doing a new thing and it is through YOU!


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