• Beverley Watkins


“WAKE UP, we are at WAR!” I bolted upright in my bed as the words echoed around the room. It took me a moment to realise that the voice, as loud and commanding as it had been, had only woken me. As my husband continued to sleep peacefully next to me, the authority and the urgency of the words pounded through me. I knew immediately by the spirit that God was impressing on me the reality of my situation. The Kingdom of God was at war against the enemy and I had somehow been asleep.This was a rude awakening and I was being summoned to duty.

As I pondered on this rude awakening, I was a little confused. From a prophetic vantage point, I thought I had been awake. But yet, the Commander in Chief was telling me to wake up. Since this incident in late September, I have realised that this was in fact the Lord giving me my marching orders as it were. I had known we were at war, but was not really sure of my role or assignment. Now I am. And it is time for you to wake up and receive yours as well.

I believe it is time for the body of Christ at large to wake up. The prophets have been prophesying another great awakening and we need it desperately. But it will not be an awakening that resembles the Great Awakening of the 1700’s. This awakening will probably be more of a ‘rude awakening’ before it becomes a ‘great awakening’! I say that because we need to awaken to the reality of the situation that we are in as the Body of Christ. We are in a war and we have been losing territory to the enemy. At present, there are certain nations which are strategic frontlines of this war. The United States of America is one such front. The battle here is extremely fierce, but I fear that the majority of the church is still asleep and unaware. This has resulted in huge losses of both people and territory.

The Anti-Christ spirit is aggressively expanding its kingdom, brining whole generations under a massive deceptive spirit in order to remove all Judeo-Christian principles and influences from our societies. It is time to wake up and realise what is happening right under our noses. We can no longer afford to turn away and pretend it is not happening because it is not affecting us. The spirit of anti-Christ is a vicious enemy who seeks to destroy anything and anyone that carries the presence of the Living God.

A few months back, I was reading the autobiography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (I highly recommend it to everyone) and was struck by a thought. During previous wars, whether it was one of the world wars or the Korean War or even the Vietnam war - everyone in the nations knew there was a war going on. They may not have agreed with the war, but they knew about it. They made decisions about what side of the war they would fight on and how they would contribute to the war effort. Everyone understood what it meant if your nation was at war. War time is different to peace time in a nation. As I thought about this, I realised that we are, as the Body of Christ, in as much of a war as any of these and yet this might be the first time that a people were at war and did not know it. There are no alarms sounding to signal air raids and bombs dropping on homes and businesses. There are no rousing speeches from leaders about the nature of the war and the responsibility of citizens to defend their nation. It is all just business as usual.

Some might say that I am over-reacting and being alarmist. After all, people are not dying in the streets. Our cities are not buried under rubble. No - in the natural, they are not. But the war that is being waged is spiritual, ideological and economic. It is a different type of war, but no less serious or destructive. As Mario Murillo says, “Nations are drowning in a flood of God-hating ideologies.” The enemy has launched an offensive against against God’s people and His ways. His ‘machines of war’ are systematically eradicating Christian principles and destroying bastions of truth. All on our watch!

Therefore He says:

“Awake, you who sleep,

Arise from the dead,

And Christ will give you light.” Ephesians 5:14

There is a wake up call sounding right now. The Commander of the armies of heaven is calling us to awake. We have to decide that we want to wake up and arise from our places of comfort and ignorance. If we do, Jesus will give us light. He will shine light into the darkness around us and show us the next step.

Right now the Lord is seeking out His army. He wants to recruit you. Will you say YES?


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