• Beverley Watkins

Tune Into The New Season

Well September is nearly over and the world has not ended, at least, not here in South Africa! In the natural, not too much has changed, but in the spiritual world, I believe there has been a massive shift – both good and bad. We have entered a new land, a new spiritual territory. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the promised land is before us.

I will not be focusing on the giants in this new land, as this led to disqualification once before. Suffice to say, I know there are giants. I know they are emerging bigger and uglier than ever, but like Caleb and Joshua, I am choosing to focus on the goodness of the land and the opportunities that are in it. It is our time to shine and for our lights to glow brightly, we need to be in darkness, the deeper the darkness, the brighter we will shine. This is a season where ‘those who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits’ Daniel 11:32

When I asked the Lord about this new season, He simply said we need to continue to do what we have been doing, BUT that we would now experience different results. Many have been praying and pushing into God, we have been obedient to all that we have heard Him say, but sometimes seen little fruit. This has caused discouragement and confusion at times, but it has stretched and refined our faith in Him.

His instruction caused me to think about the story of the disciples fishing in John 21:1 – 12. It is a story well known to many of you, but if you have not read it recently, take a moment to refresh yourself with the facts. (I’ll drink my coffee while you do). Jesus has died and been resurrected, the disciples have seen Him, they know this is an important time, something awesome has happened, they know they have a part to play, but HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! Sound familiar to anyone?

So they go back to doing what they have always done, fishing. They spend a long night fishing, catching nothing, which must have also been frustrating. Disciples who had walked with Jesus for 3 years, seen Him die and be resurrected; yet not enough favour to catch a single fish! I am sure that during that long night, they spent a lot of time talking among themselves about Jesus being resurrected. They must have discussed their opinions and ideas on what was happening. Shared their confusion and concern about the future. Everything had just changed and yet nothing in the natural was different. Jesus had not taken down the Roman government, they had not become millionaires overnight or been given great jobs and places of influence. They may have felt like they were back where they started. They might have been wondering what it had all been about.

Morning comes – tired and frustrated from a fruitless night of labour – Jesus (who they do not recognise) tells them to throw the net in on the right side of the boat. Significant that they do not recognise Jesus at first - this tells me that Jesus may appear to us in a different way in this time.

They catch 153 fish – the net is bursting, but does not break. (A lot has been written about the meaning of the 153 fish. The number 153 is the gematria for sons of God – and I will delve into this in my next post.) But notice that Jesus tells them to throw their nets on the right hand side of the boat. That is pretty specific. The right hand in biblical symbology means strength, honour and power. When God saves, protects, delivers or fights, it is always with His right hand and arm. (Ex 15:6, Job 40:14, Palm 60:5, Is 41:10) When Jesus tells them to throw their nets on the right, He is showing them how to work with His strength. How to use their own natural abilities and skills in alignment with the power and strength of the Lord to achieve His purposes.

We have entered a new season, and the landscape is different. You may be feeling a little lost or a little uncertain of how to proceed, just keep doing what you know to do. Jesus is coming to work with you. He is bringing His right hand to empower your natural talents and hard work. Tune your heart and ear to His voice in this season. Listen for His direction and even if it seems like a small adjustment, do it and expect a harvest where moments ago, there was nothing!


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