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Watch the video or you can read the blog post to hear my exciting news.

The shakings unleashed in 2020 have happened for us and not to us. Their purpose was, and is, to awaken the church and cause her to step into her finest hour. The enemy is planning a great reset that would take the nations down a way that leads to death. But God plans a great reset that would draw the nations into His way of life.

Today, we stand on the precipice of a defining moment for the church. Will we rise to the challenge and be the life and the light that shines in the ever-increasing darkness? Or will shrink back in fear and hide our lights under a basket? Stepping into this moment and fulfilling our destiny is going to take courage and fortitude. I believe it requires change from us. We must realise and settle in our hearts, that we are not going back to ‘normal’.The way of life we enjoyed up to January 2020 – is no more. The great reset is happening and it starts with us.God is shifting each of us into new assignments for this decade.Some of these shifts are spiritual, some are geographic and all will require a change of mindsets.

I share this with you because I know that we are like-minded. You are a passionate warrior who loves God and is fully committed to His purposes in and through you. So, I wanted to share with you an important update on how God is repositioning me for this season.I know that I am walking through these changes as part of my next assignment in the Kingdom and because we are connected, I believe that these changes will bring a benefit to you as well.

About 2 months ago, I heard the Lord speak these words to me… Beverley, you have accomplished much in My kingdom and you can continue to accomplish much and have the impact that you presently have or you can make a change. You can choose to join together with those to whom I will lead you and your impact for the Kingdom will be exponentially multiplied or you can continue on your own with the level of impact that you presently have. As I heard Him say this to me, I suddenly knew in my spirit by revelation that there is so much more that we can do together than I could ever do on my own. This was not something new to me. I have said this before. But in this moment of revelation, it was like I saw my impact as a tiny ripple in a glass of water, compared to a mighty tsunami that shapes land masses. It was in that moment, that I made my decision that I would change whatever needed to be changed, lay down whatever I needed to lay down, in order to see this greater corporate impact for the Kingdom become a reality in our lives. As with everything, once this decision was made, Robin and I were able to step into the door that is currently opening to us. As many of you know, I have been working with Apostle Faisal Malick more closely over the last year and Robin and I have aligned ourselves with Covenant of Life Church and the Plumbline Network of Leaders. Earlier this year, he invited me to be a part of the Apostolic team that leads Plumbline Network and we have a had a great time working together equipping leaders. The more we worked together, we realized that we share much of the same vision regarding God’s house, family, intercession, education and equipping of leaders in the marketplace for the reformation of culture. And, after the Lord spoke to me, I understood that our impact would be multiplied if we moved together as one, rather than as connected ministries. We can do so much more together than we can apart. After many conversations and much prayer, Robin and I have decided that we are going to lay down Global Impact (our personal ministry vehicle) and co-labour with Faisal in the Plumbline Network for Leaders. In essence, all that I have done under the banner of Global Impact will now be enfolded into the Plumbline network. I will continue to travel and minister, host online teaching and lead intercession, but now it will be under Plumbline Network.(

I have to tell you that I am so excited about this. Change is always a little scary, but we know the peace of God in the midst of these changes. And I know that if we, the church, are going to have the global impact that we long to see in the nations, we are going to have to change some of the ways that we have been doing things. As the prophetic words have been saying, we can no longer build our own houses, we must be about building HIS HOUSE. One of the first things that Faisal and I are doing together is launching THE PLUMBLINE INSTITUTE. This is an online learning centre where we will be offering online courses that will equip you for this new season. Some of the courses, I will present myself and others will be presented by us as an apostolic/prophetic team. This is going to be amazing as a governmental anointing is released when apostles and prophets work together. We know that through this co-labouring, we are going to see an increase of kingdom manifestation in the lives of all those who participate in these educationals. In fact, our first course is being launched at the beginning of September – Discovering Your Apostello Assignment. But I will send a separate email to you with more information on how you could be a part of that. For now – I want to encourage you and keep you updated on what is happening with us! It truly is a privilege to be alive in these times and witness God’s hand upon our generation. I pray that this news encourages you to step into the new things God has for you right now.

It is time for God’s Great Reset. Each and every one of us has a part to play. Let’s be bold.

Let’s be courageous.

Lets be intentional.

Lets do this… together!


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