• Beverley Watkins

Start with Jesus

We all love to get prophetic words. There is nothing better than when you are asking God something and you get this prophetic word that confirms what you have been feeling. It just makes you feel like God heard you and knows you. So encouraging!

Recently, I have been going through a lot of changes in my life and had been asking the Lord for a prophetic word. I just wanted someone to 'out of the blue' call me and give me a word that would wonderfully confirm my questions and set me at peace. (I know that you have experienced this at least ONCE in your Christian walk). Anyway, I went to church as I thought this would be the most likely place that God could surpriseme - LOL! But after several church visits - absolutely nothing! So I went to a church that I knew really flowed in the prophetic gift and zip! Not a word.

The next morning, I was having a moaning session with God and then I heard Him gently say to me that HE wants to talk with me directly and not through another person. My mind jumped to the story where the people of Israel told God to speak to Moses because they did not want to hear His voice. I was immediately convicted.

God wants to have relationship with us. Jesus died so that we could hear the voice of God for ourselves and not have to approach him through a priesthood. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with prophets or prophetic words, God uses these gifts to grow His people and to encourage, exhort and uplift as the Scripture says. Prophets are part of the 5 fold ministry that is there to serve and equip God's people. When you cannot hear God, God gives us gifts to help us in our journey. But He never wants this to impede our relationships with Him. God always prefer to speak to us FIRST!

It is the beginning of new year, and I am challenged that instead of looking all over the internet for what God is saying, I should go to Him and hear from Him first. He is waiting to speak new things to us, waiting to instruct and encourage us. This year - 2015 - let's start with Jesus!

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