• Beverley Watkins

New Thinking for New Wineskins

God truly is looking for a new wineskin. A new movement is emerging in the earth and the existing wineskin cannot, and will not, contain it. God is getting ready to do so much more than we can ever imagine. What He is about to do is so outside of our ‘grid’ that some will declare that it is not God. Just like the Pharisees, they will not be able to recognize God in their midst and will begin to persecute what He is doing. But there are many more that are hungry for God and ready for this shift.

Hunger and passion are a great start, but I believe that we need a renewing of our minds in order to change and fully embrace this new season. As I explained in my last post we need to renew our wineskins. We are wineskins or containers that hold the presence and anointing of God. Our ‘shape’ is determined by the way we think. What we allow in or out is determined by the filters on our mind. Wrong thinking produces wrong filters which can resist the move and word of God in your life. In order to change our wineskin, we need to think differently.

Our thinking shapes our world. Our thinking creates the world we live in. If we believe that the world is a hard, difficult place, it WILL be a hard, difficult place for us. If, as believers, we believe that things are getting darker, more evil and ‘the end is upon us’, then we will not be in a position to receive anything new from the Lord because all that He speaks to us will be interpreted through these filters.

These are mindsets. We all have them and they are instilled in us from a young age and many of them are generational. We grow up thinking a certain way and that is ‘normal’ for us. But our ‘normal’ is usually notGod’s normal. That is why scripture encourages us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. God is telling us that we do NOT think like Him. We have filters or mindsets that oppose His ways and we need to submit to a process to change our mindsets and align with His thinking.

Now, as you are reading this, you are probably saying to yourself, “Well I have done that. I have renewed my mind, I have learnt scripture and I have changed.” I am sure that you have and I am sure that you have been changed immensely since you were first born again. BUT, it is time to press into this process afresh. Renewing our minds is not a one time event, it is an ongoing process. In this season, I believe that the ability to change our minds, thereby thinking and ultimately behaving differently is vital to flowing with what God is doing in the earth.

The biggest stumbling block to changing our thinking is that we do not believe that we think wrong. We all believe that the way we think is normal. Especially if we have been born again for some time. We believe that we know the Word, we are living according to it and therefore we assume that we think in alignment with God. I submit to you that we do not.

Many of us know scripture, but have interpreted it through a mindset that is governed by a demonic principality. Principalities rule people through mindsets. They have shaped man’s thinking by planting lies and twisting the truth of God for centuries. These tainted thought patterns have developed into mindsets and ideologies that we have come to believe are normal. Each nation and tribe thinks according to a certain ideology that has been shaped by the ruling prince. And it is because of this that many of us are held in bondage by our thinking – and we do not even realise it. Just think for a moment of the thousands of people held captive by the spirit of religion. Generations of people unable to enjoy the freedom and fullness of life in Christ because of what they believe about Him. This is an example of a principality that holds us captive through our thinking. But this is not the only one. The spirits of Poverty and Baal are two others that hold millions in captivity, including much of the church – and I am talking about born again, spirit-filled believers!

As we are in the season of new wineskins being formed, I believe that identifying, breaking free from and renewing these mindsets is an absolute necessity. We need to be free from these demonic mindsets in order to interpret the things God is saying and showing to us. It is part of becoming that new wineskin. This is the reason that God instructed me to write the prayer manual, METANOIA. If you want to allow God to change wrong mindsets, this will help you begin the journey. (You can buy ithere). He wants His people free. He wants to show us strange and wonderful things and lead us into greater freedom and abundance in Him. But we need to deal with our wrong thinking.

Take time to seek Him. Take time to ask Father to show you where your thinking does not align with His. Ask Him to reveal to you if, and how, the enemy has trapped you in your thinking. It is time to be free because truly, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free.


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