• Beverley Watkins

Let's Talk about Alignment

I have just returned from a trip to the USA and Canada and stand amazed at what God is doing right now. Everywhere I went, God was saying the same thing – Come into alignment and take up your seat of authority. We have crossed into a new season, as the prophets have been saying, and now we ARE in a different place. Things we were only talking about, we now have to start doing.

Rob Winters, a respected prophet from Phoenix, Arizona calls this generation, the Joshua generation. I encourage you to read the word he released about this generation here. I know this is the word for right now. God is calling His people to shift in their thinking, shift in their attitudes, shift in their actions and for some, even to shift

geographically. God has been releasing mandates to us and equipping us with weapons – and guess what guys – these were not just nice prophetic actions! God actually wants us to go out and DO what He has mandated us to do. We actually have to start facing the giants that are occupying our promised land!

WE are the Joshua Generation that is crossing into the land, but there ARE giants that we need to displace. There are seats of authority in the earth that Jesus wants us to take back for His Kingdom. We are at war – and you and I are signed up!!

If there is one thing that really impacted me while I was travelling - it is that God is serious! The promised land is real. The opportunities before us are real, but the war is also real. We are well able to take the land, but we need to shake ourselves and get moving! All the years of learning and preparation have equipped us for now. We need to make the shift and start doing and stop just talking.

And for me the first move is ensuring that we are correctly aligned. Alignment seems to be a buzzword in prophetic circles at the moment and yet when I ask people about it – there does not really seem to be much understanding. The best message I have ever heard on this is by Robert Henderson and I highly recommend that you go here and listen to it.

Why is alignment so important?I believe it is because it helps us find our place in the Body of Christ. We are called to be ONE body. We are called to function as ONE church, ONE Bride. Alignment is simply finding your place in that Body. As Paul tells us in 1Corinthians 12, we are not all eyes or hands, we each have different functions in the body. And every part is needed. But now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased.1 Corinthians 12:18 We need to discover our place and begin to function in it.

How do we discover that place?So much has been written about finding your calling or gift, but it has led so believers becoming really self-focused. All we want is someone to tell us or prophesy to us where we fit and what our destiny is. Well, I believe if we will just BE who God has called us to be, we will discover ourselves living out our destiny. It is time to stop trying to be like someone else, stop following all the latest recipes for spiritual success and simply BE the person God made you to be. When we accept who He created us to be, we are free to function as ourselves. Our doing will flow out of our life with Him. That is the first step.

As we function in who we are – we will start to connect to others that are functioning in the same spheres. It just happens. Have you ever met someone and you just connect by the spirit. You seem to ‘know’ one another. I call it ‘finding your tribe’. When that happens, we need to align. Let’s go back to Paul’s analogy in Corinthians. I believe that if I am called to be a finger, then I need to gather with some other fingers and form the hand. One of the definitions for the word alignmentis 'a position of agreement, alliance or support'. When we align with others, we begin to support them and they support us. Every joint begins to supply what they have to the Body and that part of the body begins to function. Think about the picture of the bones and sinew and flesh coming together in Ezekiel 37. Alignment prepares us for the breath of God to fill us and resurrect us out of dead places.

When we come into alignment and function from that place – we start to move corporately as an expression of the body of Christ in the earth. This is where, I believe, we access the greater authority that Christ died to give us. In this time where God is causing us to face the giants occupying our promised land, alignment is the key that empowers us to overcome them.

Right now you need to be asking yourself, “Who am I aligned with? Who am I supporting and who is supporting me? Are these alignments allowing a flow of the life of God to me and from me? We must know our alignments. We must chose to be rightly aligned at this time. We must be able to discern who someone else is by the spirit and come into alignment with them. I love the way Robert Henderson says it, “Never be so impressed with yourself that you cannot see who someone else is meant to be in your life.”

Alignment produces empowerment. God wants His Body empowered to overcome in this season. It is time to be correctly aligned!


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