• Beverley Watkins

It's 2016... Can You Feel the Acceleration?

It feels like God gave us a HUGE push to start 2016! Many of us are feeling an acceleration like never before. God is certainly up to something, and of course the enemy is trying everything he can to stop it.

We seem to have waves of faith where we are ready to run and then are suddenly plunged into fear and ‘what ifs’ – like a bucket of ice cold water in our face. But I believe that in this season, God is coming in like a flood to raise a standard over our lives.

He is ready to remove the spirit that has been stealing your harvest right at the time of harvest! He is gathering His army to go to war against the enemies of His people – if you have heard the call in the spirit, then this is for YOU!

It is too much to write – so I made a quick podcast just 20 minutes) to bring you up to date on what I believe God is doing right now and how you can best position yourself to be in the middle of what He is doing!

Click here to hear podcast


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