• Beverley Watkins

Have You Got Oil?

God is speaking to me about oil. You know when He speaks in many different ways about the same thing and yet you still cannot quite understand what He means? Well - that is exactly where I am. What I do know is that the issue of oil is very important right now - and whether you have it, is even more important!

About 3 weeks ago I had a dream in which the oil price doubled and on waking I knew this was extremely significant. A friend then had a vision of oil erupting around me when I travelled to the USA. And lastly, as I was leaving for the USA, another friend pressed a bottle of anointing oil into my hands saying that I would need it on my trip. I never travel with anointing oil, so - being the prophetic person that I am - I knew something was going on!

As we started one of the meetings, I saw Jesus in the room with a line of angels and they had oil to give to us. I knew that they had come to release this oil to us. I knew this was a type of anointing and it would be necessary for us in order to break out of the old and enter into the new. And that was ALL I knew - so we prayed and released the oil and I saw the angels distribute a measure of the oil to each person in the room. As they did this, I knew the oil was marking us and that we would be able to take it back to our families and communities.

I spoke with another seer at the meetings and he confirmed that the Lord told him this was glory oil. (Of course, neither of us had ever heard of glory oil!) But I knew it was significant. As I prayed about this oil, I believe that the Lord said that this oil would mark us in the spirit realm. It would be a protection and an enabling power for the next season.

As I talked and prayed into this with a friend - we felt the Lord lead us to Matthew 25 and the parable of the 10 virgins. They all had oil, but the wise virgins had an extra vessel of oil that enabled them to be ready when the bridegroom appeared. There has been much written and spoken about this scripture and I do not intend to do a discourse of it here. Suffice to say, I know this parable is about the return of Jesus, but I also feel that God is saying that Jesus is about to open a door and invite those who have their lamps trimmed and lit to enter into a new level of communion with Him. There is a change and a 'spiritual upgrade' coming to those who have set themselves in order and have oil to be a light to nations at this time.

As things in the earth become darker, it is our time to shine. It is time for the sons of God to be manifested on the earth and shine like the stars (Daniel 12:3). And somehow, having a supply of oil is a part of transitioning into this. As I am writing this, we are right before the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) of 5776. The year of grace, 5775, is finishing and the new is about to open.

So much has been said and prophesied about this year of 5776 that we are entering, yet I believe that God is releasing a new oil to empower us for the future and it is available to all who want it. This oil will break the yoke of old patterns and wineskins, so that we can fully embrace the new thing that God is doing in the earth. 5776 is about a new wineskin, a new dispensation is breaking forth upon the earth and God is anointing His church to shine!


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