• Beverley Watkins

Close the Door

This week I was reminded of such an important principle. I came back from my Coaching seminar completely excited and raring to go. My mind filled with possibilities and excited at what God was speaking into my life. But - not 2 days later and I felt like all the air had gone out of my tires (you know the feeling!) And try as I might, I just could not get that excitement and inspiration back. When I thought about all I had done, there was just a hollow space of nothingness!

As I was thinking about this, I remembered the story in 2 Kings 4 about a lady whose husband had died and creditors were coming to take her house and enslave her sons. She is desperate and seeks advice from Elisha, the prophet, as to what she should do. He asks her what she has in her house. Only a jar of oil.

Here is where the story gets interesting... imagine for a moment... all you have is a jar of oil. What can you really do with that? But Elisha tells her to send her sons to fetch as many vessels as they can. He explicitly tells them to get NOT just a few. Then here is a key piece of the strategy. Verse 4 So she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons, who brought the vessels to her; and she poured it out.

Notice that she shut the door. Once she had her vessels, she shut the door. The story then continues that she filled every vessel that her sons had brought to her with oil. An amazing multiplication miracle BEHIND the CLOSED DOOR! Elisha then tells her to go and sell her oil, pay her debt and live off the rest. Such a cool story - with some really important principles for us.

But the one I was reminded of this week was - CLOSE THE DOOR. Sometimes we need to lock ourselves in with all that we have and let the Lord multiply it. Let the Lord breathe on it and do something miraculous. We need to protect our trade secrets. But more than that, I believe that we need to protect our inspiration. God gives us ideas and with them He gives us excitement and grace to do the job. But too often, as soon as we get it, the enemy comes and simply steals it from us. And very often it is because we fail to observe this simple principle. Close the door.

When God gives us a strategy. Do not run around telling everyone what you are about to do - you simply give others ideas to do it before you. When you have been inspired and motivated, do not let the enemy just steal it away with a few well placed comments. We must learn to protect our inspiration.

So this week, I am reminding myself - Inspiration is a gift. Divinely given to you and me to steward. We should not treat it lightly or disdainfully. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant - God can take it and do great things with it. As God speaks a fresh word to me, I am closing the door, protecting my inspiration and watching to see what He will do through me with what is in my house.


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