• Beverley Watkins

Are You Ready?

This is not a prophetic word, it is simply what God spoke to me and I share it with ‘the tribe’ to encourage any who are feeling the same stirrings!

As the prophetic words are starting to be released for 2017, we see that the number 17 is about ‘overcoming the enemy’ and ‘complete victory’. Many are saying that this is a year for unprecedented breakthrough and reformation. And I believe that too. Yet, I feel a cautionary note in my spirit…

We cannot simply sit back and wait for the victory. The prophetic words of breakthrough and complete overcoming need to be appropriated. We are going to have to fight for them. We are going to have to contend for the victories. Assuredly, God wants to give them, but we are going to have to wage a good warfare to lay hold of them. Prophetic words tell us the intent of God’s heart, what He has planned and what is written in our books, but we need to appropriate them.

A few days into 2017 (I was still relaxing on my vacation), I felt the Lord tell me that I had a fight on my hands if I wanted to walk out all that is written for this year. As I pondered on this, I realized that too often we are content to sit back and ‘wait on God’. This is not a time for passivity. God has spoken clearly in the past months about our assignment this year. It is time to build His house.

A quick read of the books of Ezra and Nehemiah confirm that this was not an easy process. It was not something that happened without opposition. So we should not expect plain sailing. We should also not just wait passively for it ‘to happen’. We need to actively prepare. We need to ‘get fit’ in the spirit. We need to get understanding of what our Commander in Chief has assigned to us for this year. We need to report for duty, find our place and fulfill our part.

Let me take a short bunny trail…. Even as I write this, I can sense voices saying, ‘Well you do not know what I am going through. I need help with XYZ in my family. We are struggling ourselves. I am facing this crisis, I do not have energy, time etc to still do what God wants. And I want to say this in the best way that I can… You are always going to have some personal issue that you are working on. We all do. But we can never be so focused on our own stuff that we forsake the plans and purposes of God. I am not saying that we should not work on our own issues, or simply ignore them. No – deal with your stuff. Work through your personal issues, but do not let them stop you from fulfilling Kingdom purpose.

Right now I see the enemy throwing all kinds of roadblocks at people. Traumas, old hurts and insecurities, quarrels, deceptions. He is using anything he has a legal right to still hold against you. It is a tactic. He does not want you to be strong, focused or passionate about moving God’s plans forward this year. The enemy knows he has to stop you. He knows that this year he will lose significant ground in his kingdom if God’s people rise up as one. I encourage you – whatever you are going through, do not despair. It is a tactic of the enemy and God has an answer and a way out for you. Do not focus on what the enemy is doing, focus on what God is saying.

Set your mind on things above – that is the reality. The more you bring your mind to the place where you spirit is seated with Christ in heavenly places, the more you will see from His perspective and gain victory over the current situation.

But let’s get back to 2017. This can be the year of our greatest advance in the Kingdom. I believe it is a year of overcoming the enemy and receiving total victory, but it depends on you and I. Will we be found in our positions, fulfilling our mandate? Will we be disciplined and fight the good fight? Or will we let the schemes of the enemy overwhelm us and keep us busy, yet passive? It is time to make a decision and take a stand.

The other trap that we must not fall into is the one of warring in the way we always have. All of last year God told us that He was doing a new thing and the we need to change our thinking and leave the past in the past. This has not changed. And so even as God is telling us that we are in a fight, we must lay down our old paradigms of spiritual warfare. We cannot simply run on to the battlefield binding and loosing everything that moves. We need to report for duty in His army, be trained, equipped and deployed. Warfare has many different facets, tactics and strategies. Wars can be fought on many different fronts and in many ways. Wisdom and understanding are vitally important in these days. The spirit of the fear of the Lord must be engaged around our lives.

There is much to do and much to learn and heaven is waiting to work with us. It starts with us making a decision to stand on the Lord’s side. It is not about whose side we are on, it is about being positioned and aligned with God and the hosts of heaven. It is time to build. It is time to fight. It is time for victory!


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