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Are You a Faithful Steward?

Stewardship. God has been talking to me about it for the last 10 days. Stewardship – the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.Over the years I have been taught a lot about stewardship and it is a discipline that has been a part of my walk with God since the early days. But somehow, God’s emphasis on it in this season is new.

It all started while praying for a couple that have their own business. After dealing with some issues in the courts pertaining to their firm, Holy Spirit prompted me to lay a new claim in the court. This claim was against the particular demonic entity that had stolen from them, or diverted resources from them, while they had been held prisoner by him. We presented our claim and immediately a demon came into the court with a long inventory list of all that hell had been keeping in its vaults that actually belonged to this couple.

When we asked for the goods to be returned to them – Father first gave them a key. I knew that this key was to a storehouse that they were being given in which to store all the goods that were being returned to them. As they continued in prayer, all the goods were brought into the court, cleansed and handed to them to put into their storehouse. What fascinated me was that although this appeared to be a routine case – I was aware that something was different. I saw Melchizedeck in the court watching the whole case. THAT had my spirit really excited.

Later that same day, I was praying with another businessman and Holy Spirit prompted me to lay a case again for all that had been lost and stolen. The same thing transpired, except that the key to the storehouse he was given, looked different. In fact, his storehouse looked different. Now I knew that something was up! Storehouses speak to me of stewardship. As I prayed into this, I believe that the Father spoke to me about a window of time (which we have just entered) in which He is rewarding faithful stewards with more responsibility in the Kingdom. Immediately my thoughts jumped to Matthew 25:14 – 30 and the parable of the talents.

I know that this scripture is usually taught to explain the judgement of our works when Jesus returns. But as I read it again, I believe that perhaps this type of judgement or ‘settling of accounts’ (as it is called in NKJ Bible) does not simply occur once. God entrusts us with certain things. After a period of time, He comes to see how we have managed them. If we have done well, we are given more. If not, what we have, is taken from us. It has been my experience that this can happen a few times in one’s life.

Remember, our stewardship starts with us. We have our body, soul and spirit to steward. Then we have the physical goods given to us. Add in our talents, callings and creative gifts and we have quite a responsibility. How we manage these things is a great indication of our level of stewardship. It tells God whether we are able to embrace greater responsibility or not. I believe that He regularly comes in and settles accounts.

We are in a season, or window of time now, where God is evaluating our stewardship. He is taking away from bad stewards and giving more to those who have been faithful with the little He gave. If you believe that you have been faithful in what you have, get into the courts of the Lord and lay a claim for what has been lost and stolen in past seasons. (Remember you can only claim against demonic entities that you have already overcome in the courts). Present your claim before the Father, receive the keys to your new storehouse and prepare to receive the new stewardship that He is releasing!

Having access to the courts to administrate these things is really amazing and having opportunity to embrace greater responsibility in the Kingdom is a such a privilege. But God does not just want to increase physical earthy goods and responsibilities. He wants to give us stewardship of true riches – which are heavenly in nature. Luke 16:11 – 12 Therefore if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?In light of this, I believe that there is something even more important that is happening in thissettling of accounts...

But this post is already too long... so watch out for the Part 2 towards the end of the week!


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