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5776/2016 - What is this Year all About?

We recently entered into the Jewish year of 5776. When I asked the Lord what to expect this year and how to position myself for it, He lead me to research what the numbers of the year meant.

In Jewish understanding, we are in the decade of ayinor 70 which speaks about ‘the eye’. Much has been written about this – how this is a season to have increased vision, to begin to see from God’s perspective and to open our spiritual eyes. This focus will be evident throughout this decade from 2010 – 2019.

In 5776, we need to get a fresh vision of the number 6 or Vavin Hebrew. The biblical symbology for the number 6 represents man and has been seen as a somewhat negative thing. The number six can speak about man’s fleshly efforts and of course 666 is the number of the beast (cue scary music!). But as I have researched the Vav or 6 – I believe it has a wonderfully deeper meaning.

The pictograph for vavis a 'tent peg' and the meaning of the word vavis a 'hook' – used as a connecting hook. It is a very interesting letter. It first appears in Genesis 1:1 and its position here suggests the connecting of heaven and earth. When I understood this, I became very excited as I believe that in this year of the Vav– God is looking to connect heaven and earth. And man, the number 6, is the connector. It is time for US to connect heaven and earth.

We need to get up into the heavenly realms and begin to bring them down and establish His kingdom in the earth. This, of course, is the work of the sons of God. As we learn how His kingdom operates and how His governmental principles are to be applied, we will begin to see the Kingdom of God established and His government overlap into the earth realm.

I believe that 5776 is the year that we will see the beginnings this in the earth. I see geographic locations across the earth where the Kingdom of God will begin to overlap with the earth realm. These will be physical communities or even cities where the government of God is established in the earth realm. Physical locations where the enemy CANNOT rule. These are the cities of refuge that have been prophesied for many years. They are physical places of safety and provision that will stand as cities on a hill in the midst of growing darkness. Their light will shine because God’s governmental authority and reign will have been established.

A great example of this type of community is found in 1 Samuel 19:18 – 24. David takes refuge from Saul at Naioth. (SIDEBAR - There was a school of the prophets at Naioth - for more understanding read Robert Henderson's article relating to this here). When Saul’s messengers and even Saul himself come to find David to kill him, they are unable to carry out their demonically inspired mission. They come under the government of God and cannot but obey His command. I love this! Physical locations that when someone crosses the boundary in the spirit they move from an atmosphere under the government of the prince of the power of the air, to an environment where the government of God reigns. Awesome!

What I have described is something that we all want, but very few really know how to do. Everywhere I go, I hear people ask - HOW do we manifest this in the earth. How do we establish scrolls and words on the earth, in the natural realm.

As I meditated on this, I heard the Lord speak Isaiah 22:23 to my spirit. "I will fasten him as a peg in a secure place,
 And he will become a glorious throne to his father’s house.”This year get ready for God to position you and fasten you in a specific location. He wants to peg you in a certain territory or sphere. This can be a physical community or a sphere in one of the mountains. According to this scripture, His plan is to fasten you and then to develop your authority until you have a throne. Thrones speak of seats of governmental authority over regions, cities, mountains and spheres.

This year God is using His sons to extend His territory. He is moving His people into position, He is pegging us in secure places. That word 'secure' is amanin Hebrew, which is a picture of a parent supporting their child as they grow and develop. So do not be dismayed or afraid at the place that God is setting you in in this season. It is a secure place. He is there to hold you and establish you. Do not be concerned at what others say or how precarious the situation looks, trust Him to bring you to the place of authority that He has planned for you. He is positioning you for a great future and empowering you to be a part of bringing His kingdom to earth.

It IS 5776 – are you ready to be pegged in a secure place so that He can connect heaven and earth through you?


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