• Beverley Watkins

2018 - Don't Get Stuck at the Door

God has spoken several things to me about 2018, but there is one vision that stays with me in a cautionary, encouraging kind of way. I was standing in a huge doorway, looking out at a new territory. I could see land in every direction as far as I could see. There were mountains and also huge flat plains. I looked down to see where I was standing, and found that my feet were on the threshold of this huge door. The doorway was massive and I felt really small and insignificant as I stood there. As I was taking in my surroundings, I knew by the witness of the Spirit that this was the open door of 2018 that I was meant to walk through. As that understanding landed in my conscious mind, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me, “Don’t get stuck at the door.”

His voice was so clear and authoritative, that I actually jumped and snapped out of my prayer mode. As I went back and meditated on the vision and His words, I realized that before He had spoken, the excuses for not moving into the new territory had already begun forming in my mind. What was this territory? What danger lurked there? Could I do this? What was I leaving behind? As I contemplated these fears, and others, that had risen in my heart, I understood why God had spoken so emphatically to me. It is the time to go IN and possess the land that is our inheritance. That means that it is time to go and lay hold of the things that have been spoken over your life. It is time to move and do, not sit and wait. We live in times where the Kingdom of God suffers violence and NOW is the time for the violent to take it by force.

Since that day, I have asked the Lord to show me what would cause me to stumble or get stuck at the door. I believe that FEAR is the first tactic that the enemy would use to achieve this. We all have different fears in our life, but for me one of the main fears is fear of failure. I recall looking out at that territory and thinking, “There is no one out here to follow. What if I mess this up? I need to wait for someone who is wiser, more mature, or even just older than me to show me what to do. I do not want to make a mistake." Even as I thought these things, I heard the Scripture from John 16:13

“However, when He, the Spirit of truth, shall come, He will guide you into all truth. For He will not speak from Himself, but whatever He may hear, He will speak. And He will declare to you the things to come.”

God assures us that we can trust Him to lead us into truth and not into deception. He will lead us on paths of righteousness and show us the way. This is wonderful news, yet I still found myself questioning whether I would be able to do it successfully. Note that my desire was that I would do it successfully and unconsciously I was adding perfectly. And that right there is the number one thought pattern that would cause me to get stuck in the door.

My fear of failure. My fear of not doing it according to exactly how God wanted me to do it. What if I stepped out and started doing what I thought God wanted me to do and it was a failure. The business bombed. The conference was disastrous. The great, new idea came to nothing. I would have failed God and been such a bad witness for Him. So – no. I rather wait on Him and do nothing until I am assured that the plan I have is perfect and everything is in place and nothing will fail. And that, my friends, is one of the ways that you become stuck at the door. Stuck at the threshold of all that you have prayed and waited for, unable to move because you are too afraid to fail. I know this is one of my major issues, but I believe that fear of failure is something that many of us need to recognize and deal with in our lives. It is a form of pride. We do not want to be seen to be wrong and make mistakes. This is simply pride and arrogance for which we need to repent. So I did that. Step one – deal with the pride.

Once I acknowledged my pride, confessed it as sin and turned away from it, the next excuse surfaced in my heart. If you make a mess, you will make God look bad. God has a perfect plan for everything and you need to follow it to the letter so that you do not mess up. I realized that this is simply my religious mindset that still wants to dictate my life with God. Religion dictates that if we are truly following God, then we will hear His voice clearly and do everything perfectly as He instructs and then our lives will be victorious and perfect in every way. I do not know about you, but that has not been my experience. I identify with Paul who says in Acts17:27 “that they should seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him.” My walk with God has been filled with more ‘maybes’, ‘perhaps’s’ and ‘let’s give it a try’ than any clear 'GOD SAID' directive words. This idea that our plans have to be perfect before we step out in faith is a religious tactic to paralyse us and make us passive. Always waiting, waiting, waiting on God. And all the while He is waiting on us! Step Two – repent for this religious mindset. Repent for believing the lies of the spirit of religion over the truth of the Holy Spirit.

Bunny trail - I just want to say, I think that the number ONE enemy we are going to face as we step into this new territory is the spirit of religion. I believe it is standing at the door trying to threaten and intimidate us to stay exactly where we are. If we continue to listen to its words and do not repent and get free from its thinking, this spirit will paralyse us and steal the territory and life of God right out from under our noses. We are all stuck in religious mindsets to some degree or another. This is the year and the day to get free from this insidious, deathly spirit that will do everything in its power to stop you entering into all that God has for you. (but more on that another day)

Right now, the door is open into your new season. God has brought you to the threshold and now is the time to step into your inheritance. You may not know exactly what is. You may not have the exact map or even have the destination, but that does not mean that you do nothing until you have all the information. Remember, God told Abram to go to a place, that He would show Him. Abram set out not knowing where He was going. All he had was God’s instruction to leave his father’s house and start moving to a place that God would show him. By faith, He trusted God and started to move. We are in just such a time.

We are standing in the door, looking out at the territory that is our inheritance. It is your inheritance. It is those things that God has promised for you. The purposes that that He wants to fulfill in you and through you. He has gone before us, vanquishing every enemy and making a way for us. It is our time to appropriate what He has won for us. Please understand me – this is not just a spiritual thing. This is that new company that you have been dreaming about starting. Its that building that you have been wanting to buy and renovate. Its that movie you have always wanted to make. It’s that new technology you have been developing for the last several years. It is time to move. It is time to take the dream, the prophetic word, the wish in your heart and start to move towards it. You might not have the full plan, you might not even know the destination, but you know that God gave you that passion and that idea and, by faith, you step out with that in hand. As you step, you trust that the Spirit of truth will guide You and if you stumble and fall, He is there to pick you up, dust you off and keep walking with you

. The land is before you. The door is open – it is time to step over the threshold!


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